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All of the retired dogs below still live with us. They are treated just the same. Live in the  house with us, and all act as furry lap or foot warmers.







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 Don’t forget, we offer lifetime support for any dog we have bred. Regardless of breed. ALL      dogs bearing  the AAronby affix will carry breeder endorsements. This means that NO dog       will be able to have any puppies registered with the  Kennel Club, and no dog will be able to     be registered in another country without our EXPRESS permission. These endorsements are    in place for the protection of  our dogs, and of our Affix, which we have held for around 30        years. We worked hard to produce the dogs that we do.. We hope you appreciate the effort.


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Due to the loss of our very handsome boy Benson at the age of 12 years old  AAronby German Shepherds are now officially retiring from breeding these  very proud loyal dogs . Over the years we have tried to keep the standard of the breed as close to the original GSD’s of the  past as possible, and have produced some very stunning dogs. We would  like to thank all the people who bought our puppies over the last 32  years and have loved and cared for them and watched them grow into loyal family members and especially those people who came back to us again  when they lost their loyal companions.


We will continue to breed our Pugs